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About us

“Healed to Heal.”

The Mourning to Gladness Church brings the salvation and healing of Jesus Christ. We live in a hurting world, and Jesus came to heal and restore the whole person. Healing begins with the reconciliation of our relationship with God, through the forgiveness of our sins through faith in Jesus Christ. All healing flows from the restored relationship with God: healing of broken bodies, minds and hearts; healing of damaged relationships; and healing of our society, especially through poverty.

Mourning to Gladness serves not only its members and the local community but also the world at large through its members. We are especially committed to preach the gospel to the poor, as Jesus commanded us. Presently, we serve the poor through our missionary partners in Egypt (Sudanese refugees), Athens (refugees), Laos, Thailand, and Zambia as well as local missionaries. 

our pastors:
Pastor Danny -MTG Lead Pastor .png
Pastor Danny Han

Lead Pastor

Pastor Peter-MTG Assistant Pastor; Youth Ministry Pastor; AV Team Leader.png
Pastor Peter Kim

Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor

our leadership team:
Ms. Julie-MTG's First Lady; Intersessory Prayer Team Leader; Director of Women's Ministry
Ms. Julie

First Lady: Intercessory Prayer Team Leader, Women's Ministry and Growing Place Children's Ministry

Towana - MTG Praise and Worship Leader.png

Praise and Worship Team Leader

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 12.15.13 AM.png

Treasurer, Men's LIFE Group Leader, Father School Ministry

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 9.49.40 PM.png
Ms. Christine

Welcome Team Leader, Women's LIFE Group Leader

Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 7.17.21 PM.png

Men's LIFE Group Leader, Mission Team Leader

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 1.13.52 PM.png

Women's LIFE Group Leader

Christina-Pre Teen Ministry Leader; College Ministry Team; Prayer Team.png

The Growing Place Ministry Leader

Darlyng -MTG Children's Ministry Leader.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 11.52.42 PM.png

Happy Place Children's Ministry Leader


Happy Place Children's Ministry Leader, Hospitality Team Leader

Rae-Social Media Manager; Praise and Worship Team; Friday Prayer Team.png

Social Media Manager, Praise and Worship Team

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