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Discipleship Training

Jesus commanded us to become His disciples and to make disciples. We are to progress from infancy into maturity (Eph. 4:14). MTG offers three core discipleship courses as well as other supplementary options.

  • Firm Foundations

  • Crown Financial: Managing Our Finances God’s Way

  • Experiencing God

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Serving Ministries

Every Christian is a minister, contributing to the building of God’s church. If you'd like to serve, please sign up! Our current ministries include:

  • Welcome

  • Strike Team (set up/take down)

  • Audio/Visual

  • Fellowship

  • Sunday School

  • Intercession

  • Special Events

  • Worship

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LIFE Groups

LIFE encapsulates our core values: Love, Intercession (praying for one another), Fun/Fellowship, and Evangelize (inviting others to know Jesus). Our LIFE groups, typically consisting of 4-12 individuals meet regularly. While men and women often meet separately, exceptions are made for college/young adult groups.

Discover more than just a sermon or worship service; find a family at our church. Christian life, for MTG, is a shared experience within a community. Everyone is welcome and everyone is loved!

  • Men’s LIFE Groups

        Los Angeles


  • Women’s LIFE Groups

        South Bay

        On line​

  • College/Young Adult Group

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Inner Healing

Everybody is broken. MTG Inner Healing Ministry ministers with individuals by inviting the Holy Spirit to deeply heal people so that they can become whole and heal others.

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Every Christian is a missionary, living not for themselves but to fulfill Jesus's mission. At MTG, we allocate 50% of our general offerings for God’s work in the LA area and globally. Our specific focus is on bringing the good news to the poor. We send short-term mission teams and support missionaries in various locations, including Egypt (Sudanese refugees), Athens (refugees), Laos, Israel, Thailand, Zambia, and Los Angeles.

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